Panapac - tradition in a new light
the right solution for reliable packaging

in the food industry, in retail chains, fast food services and in your home.

Core business

Production of polystyrene packaging (trays for food and boxes for food) is our core business. Starting from the tradition of the former production Laminate Inc. to contemporary settings of the technological process we have grown into a reliable partner of every serious manufacturer and seller of food products.

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Big potential

The geographical location of the production plant allows Panapac to be positioned as a leading brand in the region. We shall not stop here because our production potential allows us much more than that!

Veliki potencijal

Our Goal

We are confident that even at this point our brand has been represented in every home in Serbia by at least one of our products. Our goal is to go to the next level and to be present in every home in the region by at least three!

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Products 100% recyclable

We adapt to your demands by constant innovation, concerning about environmental issues because our products are 100% recyclable.


Reliable packages

Our goal is not only the top quality and capacity production, but to help all the ordinary people in the modern fast-paced life by offering reliable packages safe for human health and the environment.

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